Subscribe a Fund that invests in Education (Network of IB Schools/Campus in Portugal)

Target Returns

The fund seeks to achieve an annualized IRR, net of all fees and expenses, in excess of 7%.

Buy-back option

Possibility of exercising a put option after year 6 or after year 10, with the right to receive, annually, its share of the gross income up to a maximum amount of 4% and 5%, correspondently.

Target Size

The Target Size is € 80 million, with initial closing at > € 10 million and hard closing at € 70 million.

Exit Strategy

Repurchase by the founders is the prime exit option, but other potential exits will be considered, including: Trade Sale, Secondary Sale, and IPO.

Is the Golden Visa Portugal ending?


For Golden Visa Investors, it is still possible to apply.


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