Private Equity

Private Equity
Silver Aging Fund

Silver Aging

Silver Aging is focused on supporting the transformation our society requires to deal with an aging, but active, population.

The backbone of the fund is Health & Senior Living Companies (Hospitals & Clinics; Senior residence; Assisted living facilities), Smart Hospitals and Medical Technologies.

Tackling one
of the main societal

Creating a mature portfolio targeting one of the major challenges of the 21st century for societies worldwide. Healthy aging as a unique investment opportunity maximising return and reducing risk.

We invest in:

  • Health and senior care services and products health clinics: senior residences; palliative care
  • Smart Hospitals and digitalization of healthcare
  • Big data and AI based models for aging;
  • Pharma 4.0
  • eHealth solutions to optimize care and delivery
  • Medical technologies for ageing related disorders

We look for companies and SMEs with growth potential meeting the following criteria

  • Companies with portfolios of products and services with differentiating competitive advantages based on knowledge, technology, quality or any other single factor or combination thereof;
  • Already exposed to some international markets either through exports or with local establishment;
  • Significant growth potential, in markets already covered and/or in new ones;
  • Requiring equity funding and/or management/technical support for international expansion;
  • Management teams with proven track record willing to remain as or to become shareholders.